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Where To Find Amazing Second Hand Treasures in Chemainus

Second Hand shopping is such a great way to find unique treasures and gifts! Chemainus has multiple shops with a wide selection to choose from, located reasonably close to one another to help make your afternoon of shopping as smooth as possible.

Highway Antique Barn

3088 Henry Rd, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K4

The Highway Antique Barn is the perfect place to start, its located right on the highway before turning into Chemainus. This shop is full of fun furniture pieces that will make your head turn.

Top Hat Antiques and Collectables

#104, 9844 Croft St, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0

This little shop is located in Old Town, jam packed with delights, you are sure to find pieces unlike anything you've seen before.


9885 Maple St, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K1

Vintiquity is a small shop located in Old Town, the bright yellow building is hard to miss! This shop is full to brim with such gorgeous pieces from vintage cameras to unique jewellery you are sure to leave with something.

Willow Street Antique Mall

9756 Willow St, Chemainus BC V0R 1K0

Willow Street Antiques is located in downtown right on the famous Willow Street hence the name. This store is almost like a museum with the unique and exciting pieces, except you can purchase anything you fall in love with.

Chemainus Thrift Shop Health Care Auxiliary

9867 Maple St, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K1

Unlike the others on this list the Chemainus Thrift Shop is jammed packed with a wide range of clothing with a selection of other items such as golf clubs, books, CDS, and household items. The clothing has a wide range of styles and sizes to ensure there is something for everyone.

Govindas Thrift Store

2857 Oak Street, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K1

Located in Old Town this new thrift store sells bright and unique pieces ranging from clothing, accessories, to small trinkets. The beautiful interior colours are sure to catch your eye!

La Petite Auction House

9684 Chemainus Rd, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0

La Petite Auction House is full of great pieces that are brought in and are all posted on their Facebook Page so you are able to take a sneak peak on some items that might catch your eye before stoping in.

We hope to see you in Chemainus soon for all your second hand shopping needs!

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