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Our Trip to Thetis

We decided to take a trip to Thetis this week and check out some great food and beautiful view points!

We started our day by getting to the ferry terminal early, click here for the ferry schedule, once we got situated we went for a short to walk to Nics Cafe for some coffee and then followed it up with the Chemainus Bakery for some breakfast.

Once arriving to Thetis we drove around the island first to check everything out. We ended up at Pilkey Point Beach Access which was an amazing beach at the end of the road with a beautiful sandy beach, easy to climb rocks and logs and a beautiful view.

After that we continued our drive passing both Clam Bay and Telegraph Harbour Marina and heading to the Thetis Island Marina & Pub for lunch. We sat on the patio outlooking the ocean and ordered a couple cocktails to help enjoy the sunshine. The Coconut Prawns and Halibut Tacos were amazing and we definitely enjoyed every bite!

After lunch we headed back to the ferry terminal to grab a spot on the next ferry. We did check out the surrounding area as we waited for the ferry and it was a great little walk to the ocean.

Thetis was a great afternoon adventure to check out and is worth the trip over!

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