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Fuller Lake

Kin Beach

On hot summer days nothing beats a cooling dip at the beach or the lake. Both Fuller Lake and Kin beach are great locations to escape that hot summer sun!


Chemainus Lake

A great lake that includes a well maintained trail. Fly fishing has never been so relaxing at this wonderful lake. 

Image by Kyle Thacker


Kin Beach Boat Launch

A beautiful sandy beach that is great for both lounging and swimming.

Includes a boat launch, picnic tables, playgrounds, and washrooms. A great place to stay and enjoy the gorgeous scenic view. 


Boeing 737 Chemainus Harbour

The decommissioned Boeing 737-200 airframe was donated by Qwest Airparts of Memphis, Tennessee in collaboration with Air Canada. The aircraft was sunk on January 14, 2006

The sunk aircraft is the first artificial reef in BC made from an aircraft and a key diving attraction in the area.

YouTube: SEAPROOF dotTV | Russ Clark

Cowichan Valley Trail

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Mount Brenton Golf Course

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