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Artist Spotlight: Simone Diamond

We are beyond thrilled to reveal our brand new graphic logo designed by local Coast Salish artist Simone Diamond! We went into this process with nothing more than an abstract concept in mind, and Simone truly blew us away with her ability to capture exactly what we were trying to say and bring it to life.


Simone says:

"The eagle, salmon and whale are to represent the three communities local to Chemainus. Stz’uminus First Nation, Penelakut Tribe and Halalt First Nation. The sun is what binds all of us together. We all share the sun, we live under the same light and darkness from the same sources. Adding a face to it is a representation of the spirit that the sun holds. As Indigenous people, we are taught that everything has a spirit, and adding a face in this design is the acknowledgment of that sacred spirit."

Art is something Simone was born into, growing up with talented artists in her family who have supported her craft as she grew. "My style is my own feminine rendition of the Coast Salish art. It has been developed my entire life by growing up around carving, being in the woodshed, experiencing galleries, studying other art styles and experimenting over the years with the standard Salish shapes."

As a Chamber of Commerce, we believe that creating connections and fostering collaboration will result in a thriving community for all. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to live, work and grow together under this same sun, on this beautiful land.

Thank you for your incredible work, Simone! We wish you all the best in your artistic future. Learn more about Simone HERE.

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