Festival of Murals Has Been Busy

July 29, 2013

Eight murals have been repaired and/or refurbished as part of the Society’s five-year action plan to keep the murals looking vibrant for residents and visitors alike.

And while it isn’t the Yellow Brick Road of Wizard of Oz fame, the yellow footsteps guiding visitors to murals in all parts of town have been repainted, including a new set leading visitors to the newest mural on The Silvermine on Chemainus Road.

Perhaps the most noticeable change has taken place at the In Search of Snipes statue at Heritage Park and the iconic Native Heritage mural, after the Society asked the North Cowichan Municipal Council to remove bushes that surrounded the site and obstructed views of both mural and sculpture. The ‘Snipes’ pond is working and new plants have been added. The added visibility of the site is also a deterrent to vandals.

And last, but not least, the Society has a protocol in place for groups looking to promote local events or celebrations with a sign on the Welcome Tower at the Henry Road roundabout. Currently Art Beat is promoting its Friday night festivities.  For information on placing signs, contact Peter Collum: collum1947 [at] icloud [dot] com